Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Thought I’d do a little backtracking while anticipating life’s new chapter. I took a little trip to Puerto Vallarta back in February with 30 friends for reading break. Yes, 3-0, t-h-i-r-t-y.  It was a little crazy to say the least but definitely fun and experience worth having.  Between the exorbitant amounts of tequila and drinking we all did, there was time for many dazzling sunsets, whale watching, sun-tanning, people-watching, boating, great food, shopping, dancing, more tequila and riding in the back of Mexican trucks. I definitely recommend Puerto Vallarta to anyone who hasn’t been! I found it to be a really safe area and all the locals were incredibly friendly and fun!  

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Nat. said...

thanks for stopping by! you look funnnn! my type of gal ! haha stay in touch ! xoxo